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The Royal Dungeon

- Mystery and dark secrets lie in the dungeon below the castle.

Room for: 2-6 people

Price 2 people: 300 kr per person (except saturdays, 350 kr)

Price 1-4 people: 300 kr per person 

Price 5-6 people: 250 kr per person

We recommend that guests are over the age of 12 are not afraid of the dark and scary sounds, blood and jump scares.

The secrets of The Royal Mystery continue in The Royal Dungeon.

The old king is still haunting. This time maybe even literally.

Your interest in the queens secrets have not gone unnoticed and you have therefore been thrown into the dungeon without the possibility of coming out again. You are too great a danger to the queen.
After a long and confusing interrogation which revealed that you know too much, you are therefore locked inside the dungeon. Are there others in the dungeon who have suffered the same fate as you? What secrets is the queen holding onto? And where are you really?
Find the answers before time runs out and escape.
Or stay in the dungeon forever.

This is Royal Escape's very newest escape room. Try it with friends, family or like-minded people who are not afraid of dark rooms and not knowing what is waiting around the corner.


Scare factor


60 min

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Do you want to book for more than 6 people

or play at the same time in the two escape rooms?

Our escape games are designed to hold a maximum of 6 people. Are you more than 6 people and/or want to book both of our games at the same time so you can play up to 12 people, please contact us here